About me

My passion is to help teams and organizations speed up their learning process and grow into high performing teams. I help them to find out what “agile” means to them: enable them to discover values and principles & to translate them to a way of working. A way of working that suits the team and fits its environment.

I focus on practices such as Scrum of Kanban, on business agility (how to act like a startup when you are a multinational), leadership & the transformation process.

I have a mixed background in relationship management, customer service and change management. During the last 10 years I gained experience in operational management, lean, agile and managing organizational change. In my current role as an agile coach I combines these areas of expertise.

I do this independently, with humor & confidence. My colleagues appreciate my commitment, my drive and direct & engaged style.


Within ING Netherlands I currently coach – together with 2 colleagues – the mortgages tribe. The role of an agile coach is to coach teams, product owners, scrum masters & leadership in their respective roles, facilitate training sessions and kickstart new teams. All this with the goal to increase their impact on ING’s goals and our customer’s lives.

When I am not working, I spend as much time as possible with Barbara and my son Tom – who is 1 year old and can say one word: “papa”. To maintain a good energy balance, I train for – and participate in – Olympic & middle-distance triathlons. This means you can find me on my racing bike, in a pool or “in the wild” running.